About us

We are a volunteer-led resource ministry that encourages the discovery of who God is through gatherings, small groups, and equipping courses.
It is our desire to inspire and equip truth seekers to live constantly in the vision of WHO GOD IS — the Eternal Being who is perfect love, righteousness, wisdom, and power, as revealed in Jesus Christ.
We believe knowing God and His infinitely loving rule matters above all else. He is our greatest treasure and every day we’re learning to actually love others as Christ loved us — THIS is what really matters in life.
It is our intention to know more and more of the magnitude of God’s love in Jesus Christ. 
By growing together and striving to be deeper lovers of God and better lovers of others, we are becoming actual LEARNERS and DOERS of everything Jesus Christ taught. All this is made possible by the greatness of God’s power which is at work in us all, to the praise of the GLORY of HIS GRACE!
Come and “DO LIFE” with us!