ConneXions Ministries

Nov 2015

[book] Evangelism Without Additives

Pasted Graphicby Jim Henderson
Sharing your faith has never been easier. If the gospel is good news, why do most Christians avoid evangelism? Why is “witnessing” often a negative experience, for both the sender and receiver? Wouldn’t it be great if you could communicate the good news without having to become a spiritual salesperson?

-you didn’t have to make a speech in order to share your faith?
-you could use everyday experiences to nudge others closer to Jesus?
-the things you’re already doing counted as evangelism?

Evangelism can be as normal as asking great questions and paying attention to people who need Jesus. It involves doing things you already do, but with a new purpose. Jesus called attention to the importance of even the smallest acts, saying those who offer “a cup of cold water” will be rewarded.

This isn’t another program or pitch. It’s a handbook on how to make real connections with nonbelievers. Think of it as evangelism for the rest of us.
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